One and a quarter 1.25" sized Raw rolling papers for your smoking pleasure.


Light your bowl with natural hemp and bees wax, not butane! Avoid inhaling 40PPM of butane when smoking with a lighter and preserve the natural terpenes!


Bic lighter


Size - The device with cartridge attached is about an inch longer than an iPhone. With the cartridge detached it breaks down into two pieces smaller than a cigarette. It fits comfortably in a pants pocket. Durable ? The OPen is made from metal. The cartridges have plastic but they are disposable so it?s expected. The cartridge and device have a threaded metal connection. Stylish and Sleek ? It looks cool and has a small profile. When taken out in public people either don?t notice it, or find it intriguing and mysterious. Battery Life - Even with daily use, users can go 3 to 4 weeks without having to recharge the pen. This is one of the most impressive parts of the pen. Cartridges - Cartridges are easy to change, strain specific, and come in Sativa, Indica or Hybrid.


Use this stainless steel, made in the USA dab tool for all your concentrate needs. Carb cap can unscrew from the tool.


Made in the USA, this Grade 2 titanium dab nail has 6 features in one. It works with both mail and female down stems. Such a perfect addition for someone who needs to replace their nail or someone looking to try concentrates but doesn't want to invest in an entirely new rig.


Plastic grinder to break up your sense flowers.